MID 2000’S


Men Fishing in Drift Boat - boat repair idaho falls

Hyde Started Building the Contender Series. This new line offered a more simple boat, comparable to our competitor’s high end drift boats lines. While more simple than Hyde’s Professional Series, this boat still offers more features than competitor boat models, including:

– Several interior seating options
– Front and Rear Leg Braces
– Built-in rod storage with recessed pocket (for the reel) and open side storage compartments
– Hyde introduced the new 3-Point Leg Brace in this model. This brace allowed anglers to stand and face any direction in the boat while maintaining full leg support. The brace also helped keep passengers centered in the boat.


Taking their drift boats to the next level in luxury, Hyde built the LH Limited Edition as seen above. Featuring the new G4 bottom and built-in storage compartments.


Hyde also came out with a completely redesigned Sportman’s Drifter model (shown above). One of the major upgrades included Hyde’s innovative front leg brace (built into the bow). This addition provided increased stability and comfort to anglers fishing in the front of the boat.

The redesigned Sportman’s Drifter Featured:
– All fiberglass design
– Inclusion of built-in front leg brace
– Added the rounded stern to decrease drag and improve the ease of rowing the boat


For our many customers in the Northwest U.S. and others that run really big water, Hyde developed the Northwest Series (seen above). It’s footprint is similar to Hyde’s Classic 16.8′ model, but with even higher sides to allow it to run many types of large rivers.