LATE 2000’S


Men Fishing in Drift Boat - boat repair idaho falls

To answer the call for a boat with even more room for anglers and gear, Hyde came out with the XL Hybrid Series, as shown above. The XL Series Hybrid was the first in this line with nearly a 17′ centerline! The Hybrid model had a combination high side bow with two low profile sides (to allow easy entry/exit from the boat).


The Hyde Hybrid model was such a success that they designed an XL Low Profile model, as shown in the image above. This boat provided all the benefits of the professional series low profile, while providing even more room for anglers and gear.


Requests for a boat that could get into small backwaters, while still providing ample space in the boat’s interior, lead to the creation of the Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff, as seen above. The skiff can make it’s way through small waters and cut through windy weather.