LATE 1990’S – EARLY 2000’S


Hyde’s R&D department redesigned the stern on their fiberglass boats. The new rounded design reduced drag with the water significantly, adding one more feature to increase the ease of rowing a Hyde Boat.


Hyde added large level floors with built in tread as a standard feature in their boats. This added comfort to the passengers and rower by providing a flat surface to stand on throughout the day. It also kept water tracked in by boots, wet dogs, etc… under the floor system.


In response to the requests for a drift boat that could be “carried in” to small remote waters, Hyde built the Sportsman’s Drifter Series (seen below). This boat was about 130 lbs and could easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck or be trailered. Built to carry two anglers, this boat is perfect for back-country rivers and streams.


Hyde also built a line of flat bottom canoes for several years called the “Hyde Kanoe”. To focus the company’s efforts on drift boats, this popular canoe line was ended in the mid 2000’s.