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I am writing today Sunday 4/10/11 to tell you what I think of my Hyde XL Low Side Drift boat. First, it was delivered by a very fine individual by the name of Eldon. Employees who are pleasant, courteous, professional, answer questions, give direction, etc…are invaluable. I could tell that he takes a lot of pride in what he does. Second, I have also dealt with a salesman by the name of Chris. He was also very professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful, courteous, patient, etc. I have also spoken with you Jim, again, extremely courteous, kind. Most of all, things happened as you said they would. Your word is everything to a client.

I also wanted you to know, that I went fishing on my lake with the boat on Sunday afternoon. The Hyde boat was very easy to unload, rowed beautifully. Everything worked. Caught a few fish, but in Southern Indiana, its Bass, Crappie, and Catfish. No Trout.
I guess my reason for writing, is just to let you, as well as the other employees at Hyde Drift Boats, that I am well pleased with my boat, and if anyone would like to post this for future use feel free.
Thank you again

Mark Thienes
Evansville, Indiana

Finally got some small-mouth slime on the boat yesterday after your delivery two weeks ago. Drifted five miles of river in Indy (@ 50 year low level) without a problem. Had to walk it three or four times. Two of my three boys have lived west, have seen and fished them, and suggested a drift boat. Good times they used to say….can we do that again………now I’m saying can we do that again.

I’ve purchased too many used boats in my years with all but one good result. This one is by far my best experience. The 1999 pro series appeared to us as NEW …..boat to trailer and performed as new. You have it right, and do it right. We are in small business also and know what it takes. Please use this a a documentary for your future customers of used and new craft. We will be happy to answer their calls.

Dave Corbon

I want to thank you again for all your help Saturday with my new drift boat. Getting the wiring done, the oars strapped down, and the anchor was great. Thanks again for the movie and two hats. I am so thrilled to be able to use the boat on the Henry’s Fork and Madison this summer. I had a wonderful buying experience.

Steve Hoy
Twin Falls
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