Customers and Professional Guides

I have owned a LP for nearly four years. By far the best boat I have ever had the chance to fish out of. The LP is perfectly balanced fishing platform. I spend nearly 50 days a year in my LP and it has never missed a beat. Thanks for producing a great boat.


Wouldn’t row any other boat! My Hyde allows me to fish any type of water I want. Whether its floating the St. Joe for smallmouth or the Yellowstone for trout my Hyde does the job. Its handling capabilities are even more evident in Yankee Jim Canyon on the Yellowstone. My Hyde allows me to ride over standing waves and get my clients into fish when other guides aren’t comfortable taking their boats through the canyon. This is truly the only boat.

South Bend, IN

I am so impressed with my low pro. It may be the perfect guide boat. The new rod holders are the best I’ve seen, having my extra rods and now reels protected was great this year. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for next year.

Missoula, MT

My Hyde Boat is by far the best boat I have every owned and the craftsmanship is unmatched. This was apparent the first time I took my Hyde through White Horse Rapids here on the Deschutes River. The boat was so responsive and easy to row through White Horse it made it feel like we were on the Mecca Flats section of the river. Matt Hyde was extremely helpful, great to work with and was able to achieve all my needs that I wanted in my boat. Go Hyde!

Bend, OR

Maiden voyage went extremely well!! Can’t believe how responsive this boat is! Thanks again. Again, you guys run a very impressive operation, pleasure doing business with you. Your fellow drift boat driver Bill.

Rock Springs, WY

After two months of regular steelhead trips here in Michigan, my Hyde is everything that I thought it would be. My 14 year old son handles the oars like a veteran thanks to the wonderful design that allows the boat to be so quick and track so easily. Thanks to Ryan in Idaho and Chris in Newaygo that made things go so smoothly! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m looking forward to the ski season ending so we can get back to serious fishing on the weekends!

Northville, MI

I have been rowing drift boats for the last twenty years both as a professional guide and a weekend warrior. Two years ago, I purchased my second Hyde, a beautiful 2002 green/gold High Side Combination. I can’t get over how well this boat responds to the oars and its stability even with larger fisherman casting from it. This boat has been floated on the trout streams of Montana and steelhead rivers of Idaho and British Columbia. It never fails to catch the eyes of other fisherman who comment on its appearance.

Keep up the good work.

Colstrip, MT

Hey Guys. I thought I would drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am in my new Hyde Low Profile. WOW what a treat it was to do a maiden float in what I believe to be the finest boat anywhere. Every thing about it was fantastic. I had so many compliments from others along the river on its appearance and it is a real treat to row. Thank for all your hard work. The quality of this boat is second to none.


I purchased my Hyde Low Profile last September and it promptly shipped to Newaygo, Michigan. I have had a blast rowing the boat on Michigan’s great rivers. The boat rows like a dream and my friends love the fact that I enjoy rowing so they can fish while I am rowing! Of course we stop and anchor and I get to fish too and here are a few pictures of Steelhead I have caught this spring! I would also like to mention that the customer service at the Newaygo Store is Top Notch! Every time I stop in there for a new accessory on my boat I am greeted with a friendly smile and AWESOME customer service! Keep up the great service and building them great Drift Boats!

Washington, MI

Thank you Matt for such a wonderful experience in making my Hyde boat come true. The first drift was like driving a new car. Putting the whole package together was made so easy by you, and what I now have far exceeds my expectations. I now know that I won’t have to do with second best, as what I have always wanted is now sitting in my garage. From our first phone call, to the day I picked it up. The customer service, friendly atmosphere, and the way I was treated, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The Hyde decals are on my truck and I can’t wait for someone to ask me about them. Proudly I will hold my head high and tell them all about my wonderful boat and the experience I had… The memories have just started.

Auburn, WA

I recently received my new Signature Series boat and immediately had to try it out on the Owens River in eastern California. This boat handled like nothing I had ever rowed! I found it nimble and easy to get off the eddy fences and its light weight made the strong cross currents more manageable. The curved stern allowed me to go upstream to retrieve flies that got hung up without rowing like a mad demon. I bought the boat with a front and rower’s seat compartments. This kept the clutter to a minimum and I received no complaints of line getting hung up which was a problem in my other boat. After three days of floating and fishing, I asked my buddies what they thought could or should be changed in the boat’s configuration. The reply was,” Whoever designed this boat has done a lot of fishing!” However, a little later, something was mumbled about a cooler for beer but they may have meant milk. The level floor is going to be very helpful when I start taking trips with The Wounded Warrior Program later this Year. My new Hyde is a dream and I’m proud to have one.

Bakersfield, CA

We absolutely love the new boat. The ½ day guided fishing trip on the box canyon section of the Henry’s Fork was wonderful. The second day we floated between Twin Bridges and Lorenzo on the South Fork by ourselves. The boat works great. I think I am really going to love the way we have this one setup. Thanks for all your help and support in getting me in to a new boat.

Golden, CO
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