Customers and Professional Guides

I wanted to send a quick note to you and your team at Hyde thanking you for taking care of me. I don’t know how other companies handle their customers, but I do know that Hyde has a lifelong customer in me. I appreciate the honesty, integrity, and knowledge that you all demonstrate every day.

Thank you!

Brian Perkins

Brian Perkins

I picked up my drift boat two weeks ago after having the bottom resealed. It had been banged up pretty bad. Although it took longer to repair than I had expected the finished product really looks nice. The did an outstanding job. They also did some work inside the boat which I did not expect at no additional cost. I was very pleased. And the cost was reasonable.

Jack Way
Idaho Falls

I can’t tell you how much we enjoy my our boat. I love to float the snake and stay overnight with my wife. So much fun and it’s so easy to row, she enjoys rowing as well. With all of the storage compartments, we never have to worry about our supplies. I can’t say enough about this boat… thanks

Rick Morley
Morgan, Utah

Best boat I ever sat in. Easy to row . My salesman Matt made it easy to buy. Thanks to everyone at HYDE for a great boat.

Palmerton, PA

The boat couldn’t be better! I enjoy rowing my wife in the boat, but I’ll admit she does rub it in when she catches the most and largest fish…of course, that is due to the fact I am at the oars most of the time. :o) Thanks for the great customer service and the wonderful product!!!

S. Jensen

Love it!! Hyde is king!! I fish many river is Michigan, PM/Muskegon/Manistee/Au Sable, and the quality of getting me around the river couldn’t be better. Not too often do I get caught up on the bottom of a shallow river. The dry storage is a huge bonus fishing the cold wet falls we have here in Michigan as well as the chilly winters! Nothing like breaking out the Coleman stove on the boat to enjoy a hot soup on a cold day. The performance is number one in my book, I’ve rowed a lot of different kinds of boats but nothing is better than my Hyde! Also, always get positive comments by fisherman as I drift by, like, “Hey, beautiful boat!”, which is always nice. Only improvement I can see, and I’ve notice the 2000 models have such features, is better storage for my fly rods. Realize it’s tough to work in to the boat but once in a while I find it tough to manage a few fly rods in the boat. Other than that it’s great!


Love it. Durable. Timeless. Easy to row. Unmatched craftsmanship and quality.


I always get compliments on my boat from other fly fisherman. Other fiberglass sliders can’t compare in looks to the Hyde with its beautiful rocker angle and clean lines. I have a 1997 combo light gray color with green trim and wow does it look good in the water. The fist time other oarsman row my boat is my favorite! I tell them it is fast on the water and that you don’t have to stoke much to get across the river. When we head into a slot they always end up over rowing and put it into the bank. The common phrase I hear is “Man this thing is fast!” or “what did I do!” I just smile and say “dude two stokes in this thing and you are across the river” I use my Hyde everywhere from Idaho to Montana on rivers and lakes too!

Boise, Idaho

The boat has just been great for trout fishing on the Yakima River in Central Washington. My boy loves fishing out it and my little girl loves to lie in the front with her shades on and “sun” herself down the river. Thanks for a great boat. I have really enjoyed it so far.

Yakima, WA

My initial experience is that the Hyde rows easier than my previous Claka Craft. I like the fact that it’s lighter and more maneuverable. I also like the adjustability aspects, not available in my previous boat. The only area of inconvenience, again in either boat, is Rod storage. I’m currently designing a system of my own to meet my particular needs but hey, nothing is good to go out of the box for every individual user, no event the cars we drive. So, putting it into perspective, I find the Hyde products to be a great quality to value relationship. Thanks for building me a great boat!


Fear No Rock” is a catchy tag line for another drift boat company. The marketing banter refers to how tough the bottom of the boat is. I can’t verify how tough they really are, but the fact is their bottoms need to be really tough because it is so hard to maneuver the things. Their hulls seem to be built to “track for the barn”, that is, they want to go straight down the river, over rocks or whatever may be in the way. I “fear no rock” in my combo because the hull is built to deftly avoid collisions with rocks. The hull is very nimble, turns on a dime, will easily ferry from one side of the river to the other with only a few strokes, and will “surf” in chop or on a small wave effortlessly, allowing my angling companions to get several casts into the sweet spots while guys in the “other” boats are blowing down the river. A good oarsman can track the boat straight and can also slide the boat sideways by “crabbing” the oars. I can’t say enough about the performance of this hull design. It is by far the easiest boat to row on the market and the most responsive in situations where you need to maneuver around obstacles. The new recessed rod holders are great, keeping rods and reels out of harms way. The cloth liners are a nice touch in that they protect the finish of fine fly rods.

Mark Lance
Denver, Colorado

I have been guiding part time on the Bow River since 1996 and have used a Hyde. This boat has been a pleasure to operate. My clients appreciate the boat layout and the ample dry storage to get items out of the way. The boat handles well and has been shown to be durable while “dancing with rocks”. When the time comes I will be looking for another Hyde.

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