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Rick Whorwood

Stoney Creek, ON

With fly rod in hand, Rick has pursued Atlantic salmon in Norway and Canada’s eastern provinces. He’s sought after steelhead in British Columbia and on the tributaries of the Great Lakes. Rick has saltwater fished the eastern seaboard from Kennebec Maine to the Florida Keys. In the summer months, you can find him searching for trout, bass, carp, pike and even pan-fish on his local streams and lakes.

For over two decades he has been an accomplished fly tyer and fly fisher. Rick has been profiled or published articles in: The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Hamilton Spectator, Fly Tyer, Fly Fusion and The Atlantic Salmon Journal to name a few. A guest tier and speaker throughout Canada and USA, his flies have been highlighted in many books and periodicals. In 2004, Canada Post commissioned Rick to tie a Full Dressed Jock Scott. The reproduction was replicated and released on Canadian $.50 stamp in February 2005.

As a member of the hand picked G.Loomis focus group Rick influenced the design of the G.Loomis Roaring River Two-Hand Rods, which were unveiled in September 2004 at the Fly Dealers Tackle Show in Denver Colorado.As a Master Single Hand and Two Hand Casting Instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers, he has spent many hours teaching the art of fly-casting by providing casting courses to novices and experts alike. Whether you’re just beginning or have been fly fishing for years, Rick will help you improve your casting (single or two hands) so that you can more effectively present the fly to the fish.

“Although I spent a couple of season’s guiding out of one your competitors boat’s, it was my good fortune to spend a day in a Hyde boat last April in Newaygo Michigan. I was amazed at how well the boat handled the water, it tracked well, and seem to spin on a dime, a joy to drift a river in! I was so impressed that my wife Pat and I stopped by and introduced ourselves to Steve Hyde, of course we checked out his boats, well sometimes dreams do come true! A few months later I made the call to Steve, and set the wheels in motion to purchase a Hyde Pro-Series boat. Pat and I made the trip down to Newaygo in early July to pick up my boat. We had stopped by early before the shop opened and check out some of the other boats, we spotted a boat that we though we would rather have, then the original one we had picked, we mentioned this to Chris and Jason, and without hesitation they went to work and outfitted our new choice. These guys are the best. We were treated with respect, and the up most care. They took the time to explain each detail and assured us that if we ever have any questions or concerns just e-mail or call.

Home at last, the Friday after returning home, two buddies and I spent a relaxing day fishing the lower Grand River in Southern Ontario, the boat proved to be everything I had hoped for, and the fishing wasn’t that bad either. If there is a down side to owning a Hyde Drift Boat, it’s trying to keep your friends from planning all your days off, “I guess things could be worst”. I look forward to a great relationship with the Hyde family, and the enjoyment of their fine product.”Rick Whorwood