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Jeff Murray, Murray’s Fly Shop

Edinburg, VA

I was born and raised into the family fly fishing business, Murray’s Fly Shop, in Edinburg, VA. I’ve been rowing Hyde Boats for 20 years. Reliable, durable, comfortable and easy to row all define my experience with Hyde Boats. Today I am rowing a Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff. I outfit my skiff with a full rowers seat and seat boxes for the fore and aft seats. This setup allows ample storage for my gear as well as guests gear.

The skiff truly shines in the middle of the summer at low flows as we float between solid limestone ledges filled with smallmouth bass where maneuverability makes you or breaks you. For me, there really is no better option out there.

Murray’s Fly Shop is located in Edinburg, VA on the Shenandoah River in the heart of Virginia’s beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley. Our retail store is located in the center of town at 121 Main Street. Where it has been since 1962. Along with our retail store we provide a free mail order catalog, an extensive secure web site, a monthly email newsletter, twenty On-the-Stream Schools for both smallmouth and trout, and a guide service for smallmouth bass and trout.

“Floating the Shenandoah River seventy-five days a year gives me plenty of opportunity to test the durability, comfort and maneuverability of my Hyde Low Profile. Navigating through sharp and solid sedimentary limestone ledges (no glacial till round rocks here) during fall low water conditions, the question is when? Not if I am going to hit a rock. My father’s 92 year-old fishing buddy used to joke it won’t last til sunset. Two boats later and sunset is nowhere in sight. Dragging my boat across the rocks and brush and up the ten-foot bank with 100 feet of rope to get it to the trailer, no problem. It’s simple, with my Hyde I don’t hesitate. I have 100% confidence it can take anything I am capable of finding. The Hyde staff is outstanding and there is no equal to their knowledge of the industry. I am on my second boat and plan to row a Hyde as long as I am capable of rowing”Jeff Murray