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Eric Oram

Pinedale, WY

(307) 367-4131

Eric Oram is the Guide Manager and Co-Owner of Two Rivers Fishing Company (www.tworiversfishing.com) in Pinedale, Wyoming. He spends all his fishing time hunting for trophy fish in the Green River Drainage in Wyoming. He has been rowing a Hyde XL Low Profile for the last 6 years. “Personally and professionally I feel that Hyde Drift Boats are the best for guiding anglers. They offer great space, storage, and comfort. Clients constantly comment about the positive and enjoyable features, such as the leg braces, the triple rod tubes, trash can add on, and many other custom tools that Hyde offers to make our job as guides and fisherman easier. When I am out on the water, I need a boat that is tough- We drive on dirt roads and use undeveloped boat ramps all season- Hyde helps me and my guides do what we love most- focus on FISHING!!