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Carl Burns, Big Horn River Country Lodge

Fort Smith, MT

I’ve been flyfishing for over 40 years, which is tough when you live in Arizona. We had lots of bass lakes, but trout fishing was my real passion. From the small streams of northern AZ, to Lee’s Ferry, and to the rivers of New Mexico, I was able to satisfy most of my needs. Having a career in Medicine also offered me the opportunity to travel extensively in search of trout, steelhead, and salmon. After retiring, my wife Trudy and I decided to live out another dream, to own a Flyfishing Lodge. So off we went to Montana and bought the Big Horn River Country Lodge in 2004. After fishing and guiding on the Big Horn River for the last 9 years (in a Hyde Boat of course), I can truly say there is no better place on earth to be.

“I’ve been flyfishing most of my life, and have had the opportunity to fish out of and row most of the drift boats out there. But when it became time for me to buy a drift boat, there was only one choice…HYDE. The comfort, stability, ability to customize, and ease of rowing, made the decision simple. Hyde Boats are the only boat for me.”Carl Burns