XL Low Profile

Modular Design, Extra Long

The low profile is Hyde’s latest addition to the XL (Extra Long) Series of drift boats. With a centerline of 16’, this boat has plenty of interior space. The floors have been reengineered in order to maximize comfort for the rower and anglers (front & rear). It’s not likely you’ll run out of storage options or space for coolers and gear with this boat.

The increased footprint allows the boat to float in extremely shallow water while maintaining the performance for which Hyde is known. The low sides also allow easy entry into the boat and it’s much easier to maneuver during windy conditions. As with all Hyde Drift Boats, this model is totally modular in design and can be configured to meet the needs of any fishing situation. All Hyde Drift Boats feature a lifetime warranty.

XL Low Profile Drift Boat Specifications

Centerline 16′
Gunwales 17′ 6″
Beam 76″
Side Height 23.5″
Bottom Width 56.5″
Hull Weight 285 lbs
“The new XL design is everything you said it would be and more.”

WOW! I got the new boat in the water this week and was blown away. The new XL design is everything you said it would be and more. I did not sacrifice any substantially noticeable handling from what I was used to in the Pro Series and the other advantages the boat provides are incredible. The extra 17” makes a huge difference in available storage, rower and angler comfort and draft. We were able to slide over very shallow gravel bars without a touch…. The boat is a sincere pleasure to captain and will undoubtedly make for a very enjoyable guide season. Thank you.Steve Leibinger – Bozeman, MT