Rocky Mountain Skiff

Low Profile, Reach Untouched Waters

Newly designed, the Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff is designed specifically for windy conditions and those hard to reach places. The boat comfortably accommodates three people while displacing a minimal amount of water.

The low profile design allows you to approach selective fish without spooking them. This is the ideal boat for windy conditions and isolated areas. Front & rear casting braces are available. All Hyde Drift Boats feature a lifetime warranty.

Rocky Mountain Skiff Drift Boat Specifications

Centerline 15′ 6″
Gunwales 16′
Beam 70″
Side Height 18.5″
Bottom Width 53″
Hull Weight 220 lbs
“I Love the way the skiff tracks and especially back rows….”

I love the way the skiff tracks and especially back rows. It is a trouty little craft and did a great job this summer even in tougher conditions.Tommy Lynch – Michigan