The Hyde Boat Selection

We have boat for every application, call to find the boat that will fit you best!

XL Low Profile

Modular Design, Extra Long

XL High/Low

Extra Long, Easy Entry & Exit

XL High Side

Extra Long, Ready for BIG Water

XL Aluminum

Extra Long, Ready for BIG Water

16.8′ High Side Pro Series

Modular Design, Versatile Use

14.6 Low Profile Pro Series

Modular Design, Cut the Wind

LH Limited Edition

Ultimate in Storage, Complete Luxury

Northwest Series

Very High Sides, Big Water

Montana Skiff

Good For Windy & Shallow Water Conditions

Contender Series

All Fiberglass Design, Countless Options

Rocky Mountain Skiff

Low Profile, Reach Untouched Waters

Sportsman’s Drifter

Highly Maneuverable, Minimal Weight

16.8′ Aluminum High Side

Modular Design, Versatile Use

14.6′ Aluminum Low Profile

Modular Design, Cut The Wind

Hyde Power Drifter

Motor Up River & Drift Down

Drift Boat Trailers

Durable, Convenient, “Best in Class”