July 2015

A great day of fishing is when you can pass along some of the old knowledge to the new generation. This was a special day I was able to spend with my great grandson Hunter Hyde. Most young people are hard to get them to stay entertained fishing for a whole day, but Hunter is certainly the exception- a whole … Read More

2 Great Days on the Henry’s Fork

Last week I spent 2 days on the Henry’s fork which was still good with golden stone dries, but the week before was some of the best that I have seen in many years. The fish were rising to some of the largest salmon flies I have ever seen! We caught more fish over 4lbs than I have caught in … Read More

Wilson to South Park in Jackson, WY

30 days ago, just before the run off in Jackson, we floated from Wilson to south park. We fished on the trip and the fishing was so good that I took a couple of my grandchildren and went back the next week. The trip with the grandchildren wasn’t quite as good as the week before, but was still awesome fishing. … Read More

Our Peregrine Fishing Lodge Experience – July 2012

The Peregrine Fishing Lodge in Delta, BC was our latest fishing experience. What a treat! We received first rate service we’ll never forget. The kings, silvers, and halibut were on. The pictures below tell the story. Enjoy the photos and check out our friends at The Peregrine Fishing Lodge.

Terrace BC Canada – August 2011

From the files of another great fishing trip. This time I had the privilege of fishing out of Terrace BC Canada. With a group of great anglers. My wife, J.Ann and I met Brent and Dyanne Schlenker from Medicine Hat,  Canada and Dale Freschi from Prince George, Canada. In addition we had the privilege of fishing with a local Multey, … Read More

North Platte in Wyoming – May 17, 2004

I am originally from southwestern Wyoming so I am quite familiar with Wyoming at least  I thought I was but I learned a will kept secret in my own home state. I have traveled the west and have just plain missed one of the premium flyfishing rivers of the west. I grew up in Wyoming and have fished most of … Read More

1990 – Southeastern Alaska

   One of my favorite trips is several trips I took with my two sons and my brothers to southeastern Alaska. We would load up a small 16’ aluminum on top of the pickup and put a small freezer in the back of the pickup to put the fish in we caught and away we would go. The trip would … Read More

Bighorn River, MT – November 27, 2004

Just after Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to go fishing with a long time friend, Scott Stienfelt. I also went with Mike Pollowaski fishing the Bighorn River in Montana to do  a show Mike was Hosting. I was excited to go back to the Bighorn as I had not fished it for a number of years. I arrived early and … Read More

Bighorn, MT – November 26, 2004

I just returned from a fishing trip to the Bighorn in Montana. I heard that Bighorn fishing slowed down and that it was not like it used to be few years earlier. Well, I am here to tell you if the fishing is down I didn’t see it. I pulled into Fort Smith and meet an old friend of mine … Read More

Rouge River, OR – September 16, 2004

This week I went to the Rogue River in Oregon and meet up with a great friend Steve Bonner.  Steve had invited me to come and fish with him for some time but unfortunately the occasion never presented it’s self. I finally got the occasion and was excited to be able to fish the steelhead in the Rogue and have … Read More