Hyde Drift Boats Team

Years Of Experience & Professional Service

The Professionals at Hyde are dedicated to ensuring that your fly fishing experiences will be remembered for years to come. Each member of the team is a fly fishing expert and use their knowledge daily to guarantee Hyde products and services are provided at the highest levels. Each boat, accessory, or fly fishing adventure we create carries the Hyde name, and that is not something we take lightly.

This is not just a job for us, it is much more. We love what we do, and that translates into strong relationships with our customers. We hope you’ll give us a call or stop by and talk when you’re in the neighborhood. We always enjoy spending some time discussing your adventures on the many rivers of the world.

LaMoyne Hyde-Owner/President of Hyde Drift Boats

In the 1950’s I started to fish the Salt River in Wyoming with my brothers and my father. My father had several bamboo fly rods with automatic reels. Those bamboo rods are how I learned to fish. The rods came with two tips so that if you broke one, you always had a spare. As boys will, we broke the tip several times so we just kept patching them by moving the tip lower and lower until we were soon fishing with a 6’ fly rod instead of an 8’ rod.

From that beginning I have had the opportunity to fish most of the rivers from North Alaska to Southern Chile. I have been asked many times which river I prefer and my answer is always the same, “My favorite is the river that I am on at the time.” I have found that I really don’t have a favorite, I like them all. I have fond memories of so many good experiences on many different rivers.

Fly-fishing has been the method of fishing in the Hyde family for 6 generations. It is still the preferred choice of fishing for most of us. My grandkids have taken up the sport and have become very accomplished with the fly rod and also rowing our drift boats. This is especially nice, so that their grandfather can get a little fishing in with them.

Drift boat manufacturing came naturally to me as I spent many of my early years building airplanes and learning about the dynamics of flight. I have been involved in the great outdoors all of my life and know personally how demanding the rivers of the world can be. My first and foremost goal is to build the strongest, safest, most maneuverable drift boats to ensure the safety of our customers. With my son and granddaughter, we now have three generations in the boat business. The staff at Hyde is committed to making your fly fishing experiences the most pleasurable, and we hope to see you on the great rivers of the world in a Hyde drift boat.

Please give us a call and see the difference our employees can make in helping your decision to purchase your next drift boat.

We hope to see you soon on the river.

J. Ann Hyde – Owner/ VP of Hyde Drift Boats/ Accounting

J.Ann Hyde is the co-owner and accountant for Hyde Drift Boats Inc. J.Ann started fishing seriously after the family was raised and has now became a very accomplished fly fisher woman. She has been a promoter of fishing to her children and grandchildren and they love to be with her. She has always had a great love for the outdoors and loves to be on the rivers of the world. She has accompanied her husband LaMoyne Hyde, who is her fishing buddy going fishing from southern Chile’s Palenta River to North Alaska on the Goodnews River. She has fished the Bahamas, Florida’s Keys and most rivers in between. If she gets the right fly tied on look out. She is the first to get in the boat and the last to leave.
She has always said you can’t catch a fish unless your fly is not in the water. She loves the back of the boat as she says you can catch more fish from there and she is hard to prove wrong.
She is a true fisherwoman and is always ready to help others enjoy fishing as well.


Matt Hyde – VP of Marketing and Sales

Matt grew up with the Hyde Company. As a child he would fall asleep in the bow of the boat, some fisher he was. Matt started rowing at 11 years old on the Salmon River while fishing for Steelhead with his father and brothers. Then he branched out to the Beaverhead and the South Fork of the Snake rivers. He is now able to navigate many of the different rivers in the area. Matt is infamous for his role in the “How to row a drift boat” movie where he flips the boat down the rapids. Matt has explained many times that it was indeed an accident.
Matt studied Computer Science and Business at UVU in Utah. While attending he met his future wife Missy. He then decided that fishing was more exciting than computers so they moved back to Idaho Falls to work at Hyde Drift Boats. He started as the fly shop manager and has worked his way to boat sales. Matt continues the family tradition of fishing with his six daughters. Some of them can now even out fish him. His girls really enjoy fishing the rivers with their Dad. Matt has said that even if his last name wasn’t Hyde, he would still work for Hyde Drift Boats. The main reason is that he can go fishing with his family in safety, comfort, and style in his very own Hyde Drift Boat.

Tyler Stewart – VP of Manufacturing and Sales

Tyler has been with Hyde Drift Boats for over 20 years! In that time he’s gained experience in just about every aspect of drift boat manufacturing. Born and raised in South East Idaho, Tyler enjoyes spending time outdoors with his family. An avid hunter and fisherman with experience in aluminum and fiberglass make Tyler a valuable member of the Hyde Team

Danielle – Administrative Assistant

Danielle was born and raised in this area. She grew up with an appreciation of our beautiful surroundings. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors hiking, 4-wheeling, biking, and riding jet skis with her husband and three girls. As the administrative assistant she’s the one that gets to stay in the office and work while everyone else goes out and plays!

Madison Hyde – Web Development/Fly Shop Manager

Madison is the 3rd generation member of the Hyde Drift Boats Team. She has been fly fishing since she has been able to walk, and enjoys being able to go every chance she gets. From a very young age, she joined her dad and grandparents at the different trade shows and various fishing trips, and was very fortunate to learn many things about the industry from that. In the fall and winter months, she spends her time upland hunting and training her Deutsch Kurzhaar, Cody who has taken top prizes at numerous hunt tests.